Retail Logistics

An intelligently simple approach to warehousing

Forging strong client relationships

Retail Logistics was founded on the principle that warehousing and distribution are the final and most critical links in your relationship with customers.

One client at a time, Retail Logistics has built a reputation second to none in the warehousing industry.

An Extension of Your BusinessSimply put, warehousing is one of the most important aspects of your business. Trusting your warehousing to just anyone would be a critical mistake. You need a company that will be your partner — listening, understanding and creating solutions specific to your needs. With Retail Logistics, clients get the best of all worlds: complete control over their inventory, constant access to professionals with decades of experience in the field plus the flexibility to pay only for the warehouse space you need, when you need it.

Attention to DetailTo best serve our clients, Retail Logistics has taken the approach of becoming experts in the smallest of details. Accuracy and quick-turnaround are the keys. This is an industry where you simply can't afford to make mistakes.

Talk is Cheap When It Comes to ComplianceCompliance is a top priority at Retail Logistics and we make certain our staff is constantly trained to know the latest issues and changes. Retail Logistics believes chargebacks due to non-compliance are simply a sign of poor preparation. We make it our job to understand the ever-changing idiosyncrasies and complex issues when dealing with the demands of the retail environment. By avoiding chargebacks, Retail Logistics is not only saving your company thousands of dollars, we are also helping you build a stronger relationship between yourself and your retail partners.

Warehousing, Warehousing, WarehousingUnlike many other warehousing companies, we believe the best way to be experts at warehousing, is to specialize only in warehousing. Retail Logistics does not manage a portfolio of ancillary businesses. We do not maintain a fleet of trucks or ships. We created a company that is second to none in the field of warehousing. Our experts are here to deal with the issues specific to your business in order to make sure your inventory is properly stocked and ready to go when, how and where you need it.

Simply the BestThe quantity of clients we service is structured so that our staff is always able to provide the highest level of attention. Retail Logistics specializes in clients desiring a premium level of service — having available that true partner that will go the extra mile. We are not the largest warehousing and logistics company, nor have we ever desired to hold that position. Retail Logistics' only aspiration is to continue being the best.

What they said

"We used to spend thousands of dollars a year on chargebacks. We always considered it one of the most frustrating costs of doing business. Working with Retail Logistics, we discovered that it doesn't have to be that way. Retail Logistics staff are experts in retail compliance and issues. I don't have the staff nor the budget to hire a full time compliance officer, but with Retail Logistics, I no longer have that need. With their knowledge and organization, chargebacks have become a thing of the past."

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